ETAPA 03 Ochoquebradas / STAGE 03 Ochoquebradas
Japanese Architects

The third and fourth stages of Ochoalcubo are the product of the 8.8-magnitude earthquakes that hit Chile in 2010 and Japan in 2011, two very culturally different countries but which are linked by the "Ring of Fire".

Eight of the most outstanding present-day Japanese architects have been invited to participate in the third stage, and they will also take part in the fourth stage together with eight Chilean architects of different generations who are recognized for their careers and work.

The worldwide significance of this project is difficult to judge, since a project of this kind has never been done before.

These two stages will take place in a magical place on Chile's northern coast, 4 km from the city of Los Vilos. The location has approximately 800 meters of coastline, with cliffs, bays, rocky outcrops, sand dunes, fragile and ephemeral vegetation, and an infinite variety of colors produced by the sunlight and the reflections from the sea.


We have called this new place Ochoquebradas