ETAPA 01 Marbella / STAGE 01 Marbella

In the first stage of Ochoalcubo a select group of eight Chilean architects from different generations and with distinct ideas was called upon, along with a landscape architect, to pursue the mission of creating individual and collective designs to make this concept a reality.

The project is located in the K sector of Marbella, surrounded by pine forests with a spectacular view over the golf course.

The Ochoalcubo houses measure 300 m2 and are on lots of 1500 m2 with a gentle slope which takes the view towards the valley and the mountain range.

The international stage that was also planned in Marbella was suspended due to the earthquakes that hit Chile and Japan in a one year period. This situation motivated the change between international stage to Japanese stage, generating the stages 3 and 4. Due to internal problems of Marbella, we moved to Los Vilos, creating Ochoquebradas. Toyo Ito's house will be a symbol of Ochoalcubo in Marbella. 

Premises of Stage 1:        

  • The houses will cover an area of between 250 and 330 m²
  • The value per m² must not exceed 35UF.
  • The building material will be concrete.
  • The houses in the first row will be only one storey high so as not to block the view from the houses behind.
  • The houses will be open towards the east and north. The walls on the southern side should not have windows in order to avoid compromising the privacy of neighbors.
  • Each individual project will be reviewed for approval by the other architects      and changes will have to be made until final approval is given.
  • Each group of houses will have the same landscaping.
  • The houses must follow the concept of the group as a priority over individuality.