Roberto Moris

Roberto Moris is an architect from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (1999). He has a Master's in City Design and Social Science from the London School of Economics (2004).

He is an expert in urban planning and management and has professional experience in the development of studies and projects in architecture, urban design and planning. He also has professional experience in the public sector and in the academic arena.

In terms of his professional experience, his activity as a consultant in the development of planning instruments stands out. One of the main focuses of this work has been the exploration of tools that support decision-making processes that improve the interaction of traditional planning tools and planning of urban investments. He has worked professionally in Sweden, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.

Regarding Moris' public sector experience, it should be mentioned that he was advisor to the Minister of Housing and Urban Development in Chile, Technical Secretary of the Urban Reform Council and Technical Secretary of the Committee of Ministers responsible for Cities and Spatial Planning. He was also head of the Directorate of Urban Projects (DPU) of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning, being nationally responsible for the execution of urban projects, such as Ciudad Parque Bicentenario in Santiago, Ribera Norte in Concepción and La Chimba in Antofagasta. One of the most important projects during his tenure was the production of a line of studies of localization trends which opened up a field of information to support effective strategic planning of cities.


In the academic field he has been a lecturer at the School of Architecture and the Institute of Urban and Territorial Studies of the Pontificia Universidad Católica in urban design workshops and theoretical courses on planning and urban management. Moris is currently Deputy Director of the Institute of Urban and Territorial Studies. He has also carried out academic activities in Germany, the United States and Canada.