This is a company formed by Osvaldo Spichiger, Carolina Portugueis, Martin Labbé and Jonathan Holmes. It combines the experience of each of the team members in their collaboration with outstanding architecture firms, as well as extensive independent professional experience that has included the development and execution of a wide range of projects. Some of their most prestigious prize-winning projects have been in the public sector, such as 1st place in the competition to design Cal y Canto station, 2nd place in the contest for the Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral GAM, 3rd place in the competition for the new premises of Liceo Alianza Francesa, 2nd place in the competition for the Regional Building of the MOP, and 1st place in the competition for the Parque Cultural Valparaíso in the former prison. Their works have been exhibited in various biennials and published in the magazines ARQ, CA and Summa. The Parque Cultural Valparaíso is already in use, Proyecto Bicentenario, which includes a public park and three buildings advocating the development, formation and dissemination of culture. Their public program consists of workshops, conference rooms, restaurant, café, store, bookshop, hall of arts, a small theater and a theater for 400 people where the Valparaíso prison used to be and a public park designed to cover 2.1 hectares. In 2012, HLPS was awarded the project for the La Serena Theater, having been contracted to carry out the job for the MOP. The program is to be built on a 1.4 ha site and the principal works will involve 2 theaters for 300 and 1000 people respectively. At the same time the office is developing the pre-project for the Aula Magna project of the Instituto Nacional which involves restoration of the so-called catacombs of the Instituto, structural works that date from the original construction of the building and which include 4 event rooms, 2 cinemas for 75 people, a chamber theater for 200 people and the Aula Magna for 800 people.